Tracking GPRS / IRIDIUM 



General public mapping and specific management Race Officer


• Geolocation of the entire fleet in real time / non-real time
• Google® Satellite map + OpenSeaMap
• Routes analysis of the routes, comparison between competitors over the entire history
• Alert management (pop-up, email, SMS)
• Tooltips with participant information
• Integration of competitors photos
• Dimensions and colors adjustable in the admin
• Integration of sponsor texts and images
• Courses integration in JSON, GPX or KML formats
• Administration of events (DNS / DNF management by time or NM, events creation, link     between trackers and competitors, assignment of participants to an event…).
• Public access link
• Configurable update frequency
• Posadrena files access
• Rankings
• Performance graphcs
• Responsive Design
• Weather forecast display on the map 

Ocean-Tracking is a French registered Tradmark