Tracking GPRS / IRIDIUM 



SK50 SoluNaute beacons use the latest geolocation and transmission technologies.

SK50 SoluNaute beacons connect first and foremost in GPRS and in case of absence of Iridium network.

GPRS connection enables high connection frequencies.



SK50 Solustop electronic card, GPS / GPRS / IRIDIUM

SOLUNAUTE compact customized box
Dimensions 92 x 73 x 49 mm
Orange color

IP68 standard sealing

Integrated GPS, GPRS, IRIDIUM antennas

Communicate in GPRS or in IRIDIUM for full coverage

Storage memory up to 10,000 points and restitution by GPRS / IRIDIUM

3D accelerometer to configure movement alarms
Uncoupled GPS and GPRS / IRIDIUM alarms

Frequency of positions and transmissions accelerable on specified zone
Remote adjustment of the accelerometer sensitivity
Remote configuration and updates, including IRIDIUM (for transmission frequencies). For zone definitions, GPRS only.
Alert button and a red LED indicating the proper functioning of the alert
Bluetooth communication with smartphones (with messaging app)
Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery Large capacity: 3.7 V / 12 Ah Rechargeable with a waterproof POGO magnetic connector 
Autonomy of at least 3000 positions and transmissions at least 45 days with a frequency of 30 minutes.
No action necessary on the trackers (everything is done remotely)


Ocean-Tracking is a French  registered Tradmark